Would You Go Crazy Living the Van Life? Tips on How to Find Out

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Living and travelling in a van is fun, freeing, and exciting. But it can also be challenging, uncomfortable, and weird. If you’re thinking about living in a camper or going on a road trip in a conversion van, we’re sharing some tips and ideas to help you decide if it’s right for you.

The first tip is to try it first. Rent a campervan, borrow a minivan, sleep in a car — anything that will mimic what life in a van might be like.

Do you think you’ll be living in a van on a budget? Maybe you should try parking overnight in a Walmart parking lot to see what it’s like.

If you don’t have the option to try it first, think about whether you’re the type of person who likes camping, because a lot of van life challenges are similar to camping. Where will you sleep? Where will you get fresh water? Where will you shower and go to the toilet?

We know many people who love their vanlife experiences, and we’ve met others who strongly disliked the nomadic lifestyle. Each person is going to react differently and it’s important to be honest with yourself. Especially because glamorous Instagram photos can be misleading.

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