Travel Tips: How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

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When I went overseas to play soccer/ football in Sweden you sometimes have to make money stretch. As a player and traveler, any money that you can save while abroad really does help and goes a long way. There’s times when it’s necessary to spend a little extra money on things to enjoy yourself. There’s also times when you need to save a dollar or two to spend it in other places.

This video covers how you can actually save money at the grocery store/ supermarket when you’re abroad. Depending on where you are in the US and Europe, some countries and states allow you to recycle plastic bottles in return for money. Depending on the grocery store as well, they will give you cash for the bottles up to a certain amount or give you a receipt to use in the grocery store.

This is something I definitely took advantage of when playing overseas in Sweden. Most of the time after games and practices teammates would leave there plastic bottles in the locker room. Fans would also put their plastic bottles in recycling bins after games. One thing that you can do as a player/ traveler is collect these bottles and bring them to recycling stations inside grocery stores.

When you bring the plastic bottles to the grocery store to be recycled, they will in exchange give you a cash receipt to help offset the costs of anything you purchase in the store. This is really beneficial because if you are able to recycle enough bottles, you can essentially pay for your weeks’ worth of groceries. Even if you aren’t able to recycle that much it can still help pay for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. Either way, anything can help.

So not only are you able to save some money at the cash register but you also help out the environment by recycling! It’s definitely a win- win situation.
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