The TRUTH about Protein Suppliments – Save MONEY!!! (When and how to take protein properly)

In this video I’ll answer common questions like should you take protein suppliments and are they nassecary!


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A lot of you are being mistaken by the big brands and told lies about protein powder
Today i’m gonna back you up by research and save you some $$ Bills
We’re gonna be running over all the bs and busting them as well i’m gonna tell you when to acually suppliment protein as i said backed up by research
don’t get me wrong here we’LL ALSO be looking at the pros and cons of this supp and when to use it
Let’s start by knowing what most athletes use it for.
Suppliment companies claim that protein powder allows your muscles to recover faster to decrease your chances of getting injured. they also claim that they will increse your muscle mass and stength by astronomical numbers.
So is this really true?
In a study with healthy adults no older than 50 years of age it showed I quote “there is no apparent relationship between recovery of muscle function and ratings of muscle soreness and surrogate markers of muscle damage when protein supplements are consumed prior to, during or after a bout of endurance or resistance exercise.’’
However it showed some benefits such as reduced muscle soreness and ,of course, the test subjects gained some energy,from the macronutrient.
This study didn’t answer all the questions so we had to look into another one
So let’s go to the study nr 2
So in this study test subjects (trained and untrained) from age 18-50 were given protein suppliments to know if they will help them gain muscle and strength.
They were tested in different types of training with different frequencies yada yada.
the timing and type of protein supplimentation were also tested
These were the results i quote
‘For untrained individuals, consuming supplemental protein likely has no impact on lean mass and muscle strength during the initial weeks of resistance training. However, as the duration, frequency, and volume of resistance training increase, protein supplementation may promote muscle hypertrophy and enhance gains in muscle strength in both untrained and trained individuals. Evidence also suggests that protein supplementation may accelerate gains in both aerobic and anaerobic power.’’
The studies seem positive but wait untill the end of the video when i’ll tell you when to actually use it
As i just said the studies contredicted what i said
Well it isn’t as easy as it sounds and i saved this for the last one
The last,most detailed and the longest study not just about protein but also nutrition showed that i quote
‘. Multiple sources of protein promote protein synthesis after exercise, but only those with essential amino acids“ aka BCAAS” elevate synthesis. Milk proteins are apparently more effective than soy proteins.15 Whey protein may promote important cellular signaling changes through its ability to elevate plasma and intracellular leucine(One of the bcaas).”
So let me simplify protein suppliments may increase your protein synthesis which will lead to muscle growth but the only thing that will help on triggering that is BCAAS which are found in protein and in which 2 but mostly 1 of the amino acids (leucine/isolucine) helps to grow your muscle,Which means the quality of protein is way more immportant than the quantity you consume.
Now we have another question
So should you take BCAA’s instead of protein powder?
Well it isn’t just black and white and that’s a question for another video
As the studies showed they incresed protein synthesis and reduced soreness,but are they worth the cost? It’s better to save that money and buy another membership or more food
When should you use protein supps?
You should use the suppliment if you’re struggling to get your calories in with food,maybe if ur on a cut you wan’t to lose your hunger and get in as less calories as you can (whisper* because protein reduces hunger), or you just want to get a quick,easy to make meal in.

You shouldn’t use it if you’re tight on your budget, as i said in the beginning it isn’t nassecary to use it
What suppliment do you want to know more about? Comment down bellow!

Video “The TRUTH about Protein Suppliments – Save MONEY!!! (When and how to take protein properly)” Author: Reinis Krumins