The STUCK CYCLE Of Ascension – (& How To Move Forward)

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In this video I discuss a cycle of the spiritual awakening or ascension process that I am quite sure you can all relate with.

We are ascending into 4th density… raising our vibration, right?

The whole thing is though is that we are letting go… in order to raise our frequency.

This… accelerated “letting go” phase is like our old beliefs, energies, emotional patterns, and karma are playing out one last time… but very intensely.

It’s all good… It’s all connected to and a part of our ascension progress, but the span of days or weeks that is occupied by that process can be really rough.

In this video I share 4 things that I learned to do during this cycle to speed through it a lot faster and also manage myself while in it.



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– Victor Oddo

Video “The STUCK CYCLE Of Ascension – (& How To Move Forward)” Author: Victor Oddo