Switching from Mac to PC, Part 4: How to keep your iPad and iPhone in the mix

After close to 20 years of owning a Mac, I’m switching to a Windows PC and bringing you along for the ride. So far, I’ve shared pointers on how to choose your first Windows 10 laptop and finding software to replace some of your favorite MacOS applications. This time, I want to talk about about how your iPhone and iPad can fit into your new Windows-enabled life.

Let me emphasize: It’s OK to stick with iOS. Just because you’ve had your fill of how your Mac operates is no reason to rid yourself of your iPhone or iPad. iOS is a stable, secure operating system with a vast number of apps that’ll meet the needs of most users. They’re self-contained devices, capable of working great all on their own. But a few tips will make using them in harmony with your new Windows 10 PC a cinch.

You could just download all of your music, movies and apps over Wi-Fi, but that eats up the gigabytes available for use on most monthly broadband plans faster than poop moves through a goose. Instead, use iTunes for Windows to store and shuttle content from your computer to your iOS devices. After transferring all the music, videos and podcasts you’ve downloaded from the iTunes Store during your years as a Mac user to your new laptop, you’ll be able to enjoy it all on your Windows 10 PC or transfer it to your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

While the app looks pretty much the same on Windows as it does in MacOS, recent Apple escapees may discover some UI differences that will give them pause. The File and Edit menus are located in the app window instead of in a menu bar at the top of your screen, for example. But once you get past this, it’s smooth sailing…as much as it ever is with iTunes.

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