Sportsfixer – How To Join A Network

Hi and welcome to Sports Fixer. In this video, I’m going to show you how to join a Network.

So, we will begin from the profile page and as you can see here, it says that “My Network” is zero. But by the end of this video it will say 1.

From the Profile page, let’s go ahead and click on the ‘Menu’ button, then scroll down and hit “My Networks” to go to that page.

And obviously, you haven’t joined any yet so let’s go ahead and click ‘Search’ to bring up the list of all the networks that have joined Sports Fixer that are closest to your phones location. You will be able to see which Gyms, Tennis courts, Leisure centers, Sports complexes and others you can join.

By the way, if your local venue is not on this list, then you can always ask them to join Sports Fixer. The sign up process is very easy so ask them to contact Sports Fixer for further details.

For this demonstration, I’ve already created this dummy profile named Sports Centre, and I’ll show you how to join.

So let’s go ahead and select ‘Join’ in the top corner… And for security purposes some networks may add a password, which you will need to obtain from the network you’re interested in joining. Ok, so write in the password; click ‘Add’ and there we go, “Network Joined Successfully”.

So if we go back to the previous page which is “My Networks”, we’ll see that “Sports Centre” is on here. Ok, now go back to the Profile page… there we go, it will show I have 1 displaying on “My Networks”

On this Network, you’ll be able to connect with others that are part of the same network, and you’ll be able to view their posts and interact with them on the social side of things. There is another video that explains the benefits of being part of networks in more detail.

Thanks for watching.

Video “Sportsfixer – How To Join A Network” Author: Sports Fixer