Someone is going to ask for the sale why not you – Scott Sylvan Bell

Asking for the sale is hard for some salespeople. You may have a fear of rejection if you ask for the sale. Here is what you need to remember, someone is going to ask for the sale why not you. A fear of rejection is a common problem salespeople face. Sales training does not prepare you for the feelings and the emotions you have in the sales presentation with the buyer or your client. Learning how to sell more and how to close more sales is not easy. Dealing with rejection from the buyer is not supposed to be easy either. You can create your own sales sabotage just like other salespeople by not taking the buyer to the next step in the sales process. Sales basics mastery says you should ask the buyer for the sale but plenty of sales presentations end without a sale being asked for. This is a costly sales lesson for most salespeople.

This video was filmed on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii at Sharks Cove

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