Rejection Therapy Day 4 – Calling an add to ask for half price of – Ringa & Pruta

WEEKLY challenge 49: Building self-esteem with Rejection Therapy

Day#4 Rejection Therapy: Calling an add to ask for half price of – Ringa & Pruta

Hey guys!

I had a dual task today.. so don’t be worried if you think I messed up the titles in the beginning of the video.

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Våga fråga – & bygg upp din självkänsla! Det är grundtanken med den här veckans utmaning. Springer runt i Stockholm & ställer frågor jag egentligen är högst obekväm med att ställa – men verkligen vill ha fråga!

Awesome music (first track) in this episode by Joakim Karud:


The introduction video:
Rejection Therapy to build Self-Esteem – Weekly Challenge #49

Hey guys – New week – New Challenge!

This time it’s all about facing up to our fear of rejection! Because we are throwing ourselves in to Rejection therapy as a PRACTICAL APPROACH to start a new chapter on building TRUE Self-Esteem.
Running a bit late tonight, but I’ll update the description tomorrow after work.

But in short the objectives of this week’s challenge is to:
– Ask at least one “out of your comfort zone”-question each day to a person where the likelihood of rejection is high. Record your actions, preferably with your camera on your phone, only sound takes you far too. You’ll probably don’t remember how you acted in detail, or have a not so accurate view of it – you need to go through the happening to analyse how you did!
The question should be a genuine one, no lies. The purpose of this is two-fault;
1. Building self-esteem really rest a whole lot on doing what you know is the right thing to do; following your heart and acting as your ideal self. In this case going after what you really want, asking questions that can take you there.

2. Rejection desensitizing – becoming so used to rejection that it doesn’t affect you to any real extent.

This requires full awareness, no earplugs or thinking about other stuff. Focus. Determination. Game mode on. Decide on one questions per day to give full attention to, and then go ask that question to at least one person. It could be a particular person you have in mind as well, for instance asking a girl out or maybe your boss for some change in work tasks!

In the video I edited what i think was the best of Jia Jiang’s talk at google. You’ll find the full video here:
Jia Jiang: “Rejection Proof” | Talks at Google

If you want to dig deeper into self-esteem, read The Six pillars of self-esteem ( which I will be talking a lot about ). You can listen to the a bit shorter audio book edition here:

A good video about the book:
Some explanations of related concepts:
Self concept, self identity, and social identity –
Self Esteem – Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem-
Awesome music in this episode by Joakim Karud:




Hej! Kort presentation på svenska; stockholms kille som gör veckoutmaningar inom personlig utveckling. Denna vecka handlar det om att ställa frågor som med hög sannolikhet leder till ett NEJ, men frågorna ska bara genuina och nått vi verkligen vill – för det är då vi bygger självkänsla!

Kolla gärna resten av mina filmer för att få en känsla av vad jag gör:)

Ha en bra dag,
Alexander 🙂


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