PES 2018 | How to Import Option files and Original Kits on PS4

First download the Option Files from the following link;

Download Link:

This is so far the best option file I got right now so far, If I get any better files I will definitely share with you guys! This is for Playstation 4. (Check pes universe for latest option files)

Better Quality Option Files will be available in PES Universe.

PES Universe

Rest of the proceed is simple just follow the instruction given in the video and don’t hesitate to ask me if you require any help!

1. Download the option file.
2. Plug in your USB and extract the WEPES folder to your USB
3. On PS4 dash, go to application settings & delete the EDIT DATA
4. Plug in USB to PS4 and go to edit mode
5. Go to import team option
6. Wait a few minutes while it imports
7. Exit edit mode, go to exhibition mode and turn off Live Data (R3)
8. Enjoy!

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Video “PES 2018 | How to Import Option files and Original Kits on PS4” Author: Mad Gamer BD