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What are forced subtitles on Blu-ray disc?
Unlike DVD, on Blu-ray, each subtitle item has an attribute that specified whether particular subtitle appearance should be forced. Forced subtitles are shown regardless of current player setting, typically when movie contains a foreign language scene. The “forced” attribute is assigned per individual subtitle image, so entire subtitle track must be scanned to determine if forced subtitles are present.
MakeMKV creates two items for each blu-ray subtitle track in selection screen – regular track and “forced only” as indicated on this example.
In produced MKV file regular subtitle track will contain all subtitles and forced track will contain only these with forced flag. If entire original track is forced then both tracks will be identical. If no forced subtitles were in original track, the resulting “forced” track will be empty and will not be present in MKV at all.

What versions of AACS and BD+ are supported?
MakeMKV supports all commercial Blu-ray discs protected by latest versions of AACS and BD+. Occasionally, when movie studios update AACS and BD+ versions, a new version of MakeMKV needs to be downloaded. For the entire history of MakeMKV, the program was always updated next day after or days before the release date of disc employing new protection.

Program fails to open a disc or crashes, what should I do?
Firstly, please accept our apologies. We are constantly updating MakeMKV to handle latest protections and audio/video formats but any Software has bugs by definition and MakeMKV is no exception.

Before proceeding, please make sure that error is not caused by physically damaged disc.

Please enable “Log debug messages” in MakeMKV preferences and restart the program. On start you should see the message “Debug logging enabled, log will be saved as C:Users”. Note the location of log file, reproduce the problem, exit MakeMKV and copy the log file to another location. This log file will be deleted next time you start MakeMKV.

If you were trying to open a DVD disc, please copy all *.IFO files from VIDEO_TS directory and compress with archiver program of your choice. If you were trying to open a Blu-ray disc, please copy all *.CLPI files from BDMVCLIPINF directory and all *.MPLS files from BDMVPLAYLIST directory, also compressed with archiver program of your choice.

Please send email with produced log file, compressed files, disc name and short problem description to support@ . You may also check out our forum if someone else already reported same problem and whether solution is available.

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