iOS 10 3 3 Jailbreak How to Jailbreak iOS 10 3 3 Cydia instruction in the description

Yalu 103 – New Safari Exploit – Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 (64-bit devices)

iOS 10.3.2/10.3.3 Jailbreak – How to Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 / 10.3.2 – Cydia 10.3.3

1. Launch Safari on your iDevice and point it to
2. Tap GO and wait for the next jailbreak steps (try again if after tapping GO jailbreak failed).
3. Jalbreak process will take a while, at this time do not click on anything.
4. When the installation completed add Cydia to homescreen accordance with the instruction displayed.
5. Launch Cydia and complete jailbreaking filesystem.
6. Reboot your iDevice and launch Cyda again.
7. Enjoy all tweaks and jailbreak capabilities on your fully jailbroken iDevice!


Some users complain about the provision.cpp:81 error and Certificate Error #2704. They are caused by unstable Safari exploit. Unfortunately, this is a disadvantage of remote jailbreak Yalu103. Probaby it will be fixed soon in new version of Yalu103.

***How to fix provision.cpp:81 error & Certificate Error #2704:
At the moment only way to fix these errors is patching Cydia certificate bug with Cydia Extender. This package was prepeared by developers from enduniverse comunity. We all appreciate their work.
1. Go to Cydia and when error appears skip it and go to Cydia Extender package. It probably will move you automatically to package page, but if not, find it in search bar.
2. Click Modify then tap Install
3. Click Confirm and then Captch Validation appears (few Cydia tweaks and packages requires verification, especially those patching bugs in jailbroken filesystem).
4. Install one of the required free applications.
5. Open Cydia again and complete Cydia Extender instalation.
6. Reboot your iDevice and now you can fully use Cydia.

Thanks again to Luca Todesco for releasing iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak. Please pay attention on the video to fully understand which are the supported devices and how to Jailbreak them.
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