I Kept My New Year’s Resolution ⚡ How To Write A Song #52

Whoa. I actually made it to episode 52. Here’s the episode where I complete my New Year’s Resolution. Here’s the essay where I reflect on the lessons: https://blog.submittable.com/2017/12/six-lessons-from-writing-a-song-a-week-through-2017/

Lyrics below.

What next????

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I made a resolution for one
and i kept it
and now the year is almost done
i don’t want to accept it

winter spring summer and fall
but did i really change at all
i stuck to something. what does that mean?

well i’m grateful that i’m still alive
the year didn’t break me
i learned to like intermediate steps
didn’t let em overtake me

january into june
waxing/weigning of the moon
there’s something to be said for continuing

well i guess that i do like myself
and i like what i’ve made
so many times i could’ve stopped
but i stayed

one year closer to my death
i am grateful for my breath
i try to remember these daily blessings

Video “I Kept My New Year’s Resolution ⚡ How To Write A Song #52” Author: Jenni Lark