how to write the word “家 jia ” in Chinese – រៀនសរសេរអក្សរចិន

this video is for people who want to learn chinese for communication . it is the beginning of chinese language that all of learns need to know in order to get more knowledge of chinese in communication level.

my channel also include the many songs as English ,chinese khmer in order to have more fun. so please subscribe my channel to get more video. thanks
Khmer new songs bas doung chhlorng daen by keo veasna បេះដូងឆ្លងដែន ច្រៀងដោយ កែវ វាសនា……………
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Video “how to write the word “家 jia ” in Chinese – រៀនសរសេរអក្សរចិន” Author: Cambodia Nature Learning Chinese