How to Write Orchestral Music (Part 2 – Orchestral Arrangement)

In this 3 part series, I’ll show you an analysis of my latest score. In part 2, I’ll go into the details of the midi orchestral arrangement and talk about how and why I wrote each part.

You will learn:
0:47 – Using piano to write an arrangement
1:20 – Creating a rough draft
2:36 – Where to start building
3:55 – Building the Strings
7:10 – Building the Brass
8:40 – Building the Woodwinds
10:10 – Using Percussion
10:55 – Finding a sample’s “strengths”
11:32 – Creating an arrangement that flows

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Video “How to Write Orchestral Music (Part 2 – Orchestral Arrangement)” Author: Quincy Kane Morris