How To Use Welding & Fixture Tables for Precision Metal Fab – CertiFlat Welding & Fixture Tables

In this live video Andy & Randy go over CertiFlat welding & fixture tables. Whether you are doing precision metal fabrication or building something in your home garage, these welding and fixture tables are a must have for any shop!

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CertiFlat’s PRO Series welding table complete kits were designed from the ground up, with the welder in mind. These are the exact same tables we use in our shop daily. In addition they are in use by dozens of OEM manufacturers across the USA and Canada. Pro Series Table Kits are build from tough 3/16″ Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel using state of the art CNC Laser Cutting technology for an exceptional fit-up.

All CertiFlat PRO Series Complete Table Kits Feature:

Engineered Tab & Slot stiffening ribs for a guaranteed flat surface
Proprietary “Heat Control Design” to eliminate warping during assembly
+/- .003″ on all parts included with your kit. Very high precision
5/8″(16MM) holes on 2″ centers work with Strong brand tools as well as others
CNC Tube Laser legs from 1-1/2″ SQR 11ga tubing. Wait ’til you see the fit on these!
Heavy Duty swivel caster with 3″ non-marking wheels with brakes
Table top kit only to allow you to customize the mounting as you see fit
Expandable, splice kits make it easy to pin multiple shapes and sizes together
GUARANTEED FLAT! to +/- .015″ when assembled according to our instructions

CNC Sheet Laser Parts go together fast and square. Tab and Slot Methodology is used throughout to make it brain dead simple to build a quality tool that lasts forever. Internal webbing forces the table flat during assembly and keeps it that way for years of trouble free and accurate welding. 5/8″ (16MM) holes on 2″ centers fit all Strong brand clamp and tools, and allow for infinite fixture positions. Unique Tab and Slot webbing design forces the top flat during assembly. Specially designed weld points put the heat in the middle of the tops and eliminate weld pull. By following the proper sequence (shown in easy to understand step by step instructions & video) we assemble these tops daily flat to +/- .010″with no special tools. Follow our instructions and we will guarantee your new table is flat.

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Video “How To Use Welding & Fixture Tables for Precision Metal Fab – CertiFlat Welding & Fixture Tables” Author: Eastwood Company