How-to-Use Little Iguana Mama Stay Put Burp Cloths

Little Iguana Mama Stay Put Burp Cloths (patent pending) were invented by owner/founder Becki Silverstein. As a new mama, Becki’s little iguana (her nickname for her son) Jake, experienced constant spit up, leaving her scrambling for burp cloths continuously and a lot of times, not getting to one in time! Not to mention, suffering from lack of sleep as a new mama, Becki constantly forgot where she last left her burp cloths around the house, or while out found herself digging endlessly in her diaper bag, only to find the burp cloth on the bottom or in another pocket! That’s when she came up with a simple, yet effective solution for not one, but several problems! Introducing, the Little Iguana Mama Stay Put Burp Cloth!

These amazing burp cloths are not only contoured to your body, but they are also longer in length covering more of your shoulder than the typical burp cloth. Each burp cloth also includes a unique clipping feature sewn into the cloth to hold it securely in place while in use. What does this mean for you? No more missing, dropped or baby maneuvered off-your-shoulder burp cloth scenarios!

Each Little Iguana Mama burp cloth is safe, machine washable, and available in several adorable patterns. Just clip and go! Here are just a few of the many features:

– Clip on your shirt shoulder to hold in place while burping your little iguana ,or while walking around to avoid dropped burp cloths
– Clip on your shirt shoulder while nursing or bottle feeding for a quick turnaround for reflux and burping
– Clip to stroller bags and car seats for easy transportation and access while out on the town or traveling
– Clip to your little iguana to catch their spit up, or wipe their little mouths and hands
– Clip in an easy to access part of your diaper bag for quick access to avoid digging around your whole bag before it’s too late!

And that’s just a few suggestions, the clipping options are endless!

We can’t wait for you to try our product! From our little iguanas to yours, we welcome you to the family!

Video “How-to-Use Little Iguana Mama Stay Put Burp Cloths” Author: Becki Silverstein