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My favorite movies:

West Virginia
National Enquirer Investigates
Britney Spears
Charles Manson
Charlie Sheen
Dolly Parton
Elvis Presley
Jodi Arias
Marilyn Monroe
Miley Cyrus
Natalie Wood
O.J. Simpson
Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina
National Enquirer’s Uncovered
Hollywood Gossip
Hollywood News
Playing by the Numbers
Secrets of Marilyn Monroe
National Geographic Bee
Crowning a Champion
The Elimination Round
The Finals Begin
The Journey to the Title
National Geographic Explorer
24 Hours After Asteroid Impact
24 Hours After Hiroshima
25 Years
400 Million Dollar Emerald
Afghanistan Revealed
Africa Extreme
African Hunters
Alaska’s Big Bears
Alaska’s Last Oil
Alaskan Grizzlies
Albino Murders
Alyeska – Arctic Wilderness
Ama Divers
Amateur Naturalist: A Monarchy of Trees
Amateur Naturalist: Between Ice and Fire
Amateur Naturalist: Creatures of the Sun
Amateur Naturalist: Feast of Grass
Amateur Naturalist: Guardians of the Meadow
Amateur Naturalist: Jam Jar Jungle
Amateur Naturalist: Living on the Edge
Amateur Naturalist: Matchbox Menagerie
Amateur Naturalist: The Other New Yorkers
Amateur Naturalist: Upstream, Downstream
Amateur Naturalist: Wetland Wilderness
American Hostage
Angels of War
Animal Minds
Antarctica: Life in the Freezer
Archaeological Detectives
Arctic Paradise
Aryan Brotherhood
Athos: The Holy Mountain
Atlantic Dash
Attack of the Killer Bees
Australia: The Timeless Land
Avalanche Institute
Avalanche: Surviving Tragedy
Backstage at the Beaver Pond
Baghdad Bound: The Devil Dog Diaries
Bate’s Car
Battle of the Arctic Giants
Bee Alert
Best of Explorer
Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings
Beyond the Wall
Big City Bike Messengers
Big Sur-Wild California
Bile for Survival
Birth of a Ship
Bite for Survival
Bloodhounds on the Scent
Bog Mummies
Border Wars
Born to Rage?
Brain Games: Pay Attention!
Brain Games: Remember This!
Brain Games: Watch This!
Braving Brazil
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn’s Pigeon Game
Caged in Fear
Cajun Carver
Call of the Wild
Camel Man
Cameras on the Move
Camp Leatherneck
Can the Gulf Survive?
Cape Disappointment
Cheetah Chase
Child Mummy Sacrifice
Chimps on the Edge
China Freefall
China’s Lost Girls
China’s Secret Mummies
Clash of the Americas
Climbing Introduction Pinnacles NM
Climbing Redwood Giants
Comet Watchers
Congo Bush Pilots
Congo Trek
Cowboys and Conservationists
Cradle of Mankind
Crocodiles of the Orinoco
Cuna Initiative
Dancing with Stingrays
Deadly Encounters
Deadly Love
Death of the Iceman
Denali Wilderness
Desert Warriors
Desire of the Moth
Dive for Adventure
Doctor Cockroach
Dolphin Touch
Doomsday Volcano
Drowning New Orleans
Easter Island Underworld
Electronic Armageddon
Elegant Craftsman
Elephant Rage
Elusive Depths of Mexico
Ethiopia: the Hidden Empire
Fall Line
Family of Chimps
Fatal Insomnia
FBI Takedown
Feasts of the Giant Sharks
Female Suicide Bombers: Dying to Kill
Fighting Back: Stories from the Spill
Filming the Impossible
Finding Anastasia
Finding the Lost da Vinci
Fire Ants: Texas Border Massacre
Fire Bombers
Fireworks Maker
Forgotten Desert
Formula R: Reindeer Racing
Gaelic Poet
Garden of Eden
Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes
Ghosts of the Bayou
Girl Power
God’s Acre
Gorilla Murders
Greyhounds: Running for their Lives
Guardian of the Everglades
Guns in America
Haunt of the Hippo
Herculaneum: Voices from the Past
Heroin Crisis
High Altitude Hang Gliding
Hitler’s G.I. Death Camp
Holy Stone
Holy War, Inc.
Hornets from Hell
Hostage Crisis Massacre
How Man Tamed the Wild
How to Build a Beating Heart
How to Build an Ancient Man
Human Powered Vehicles
Humpbacks of Hawaii
Ice Dogs
Iceland Breakthrough
Impressions of Venice
In Pursuit of the Boar
In the Shadow of Saddam
In the Spirit of Stradivarius
Inside Bethlehem
Inside Bioterror
Inside Guantanamo Bay
Inside LSD
Inside NFL Films: The Idol Makers
Inside North Korea
Inside Shock & Awe
Inside Sumo
Inside the Body Trade
Inside the DEA
Inside the Nuclear Threat
Into the Lost World
Iraq’s Guns for Hire
Irving Johnson, High Seas Adventurer
It’s Magic
Italy’s Mystery Mummies
Jellyfish Invasion
JFK: The Lost Bullet
Jihad: Afghanistan’s Holy War
Journey to an Alien Moon
Journey to Hainan
Kamoya Kimeu Honored
Killer Cane Toads
Killer Cats
Killer Cats of the Kalahari
Killer Crocs of Uganda
Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea
King Kong in My Pocket
Kingdom of the Blue Whale
Koalas: Out on a Limb
Kodo: Japanese Drummers
Korup: An African Rain Forest
L.A. Future Quake
LA’s Sunset Boulevard
Lanzarote: Land of Parched Earth
Las Fallas Festival
Last Days of the Maya
Liberia: American Dream?
Life by the Fingertips

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