How To Unlock “Jailbreak” And Sideload Apps – Any Windows Phone 7

In this tutorial Im showing you how to Unlock ANY Windows Phone 7 device and how to sideload (install third party) apps.

Check out this video to see what can be done with an Unlocked Windows Phone 7:

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does unlocking do?
A: Unlocking “tricks” Microsoft into thinking your a registered developer which then allows you to “sideload” (or install) third-party app.s

Q: Can this brick my device?
A: If your not careful and if you edit the wrong thing in a registry editor app then your device MIGHT become bricked

Q: Is this the same as Jailbreaking for the iPhone?
A: NO! When you Jailbreak on the any iOS device you are simply installing Cydia which then allows you to install third-party apps. Think of Cydia as the intermediary for iOS devices between your device and the third-party apps. When you “unlock” a Windows Phone 7, you must manually install the apps.

Q: Will Windows Phone 7 ever get a “Cydia Equivalent”?
A: I think it will, eventually…

Q: Are there just as many hacks for Windows Phone 7 as there are for iOS?
A: NOT EVEN CLOSE! Maybe one day though!

Steps (to unlock):

1. Download ALL of the downloads listed below

2. Compose an email to yourself and make sure you attach the ChevronWP7.cer

3. Log into the email that you sent the ChevronWP7.cer file to, open the email, tap on the attachment and let it download, once its downloaded a shield should appear to the left of it, tap on it again and install it

4. Open up the Zune software (plug your device in) and launch the ChevronWP7.exe

5. Check both of the boxes and hit unlock

Steps (to sideload):

1. Open up the Zune software and plug the device in

2. Launch Application Deployment (it was downloaded and installed when you grabbed the Windows Phone 7 developer tools)

3. Browse for the .xap file you want to deploy and select it

4. Hit deploy and your done, you have successfully deployed a 3rd party app

**Note** If you are getting ANY errors or its saying something about your device being developer locked then simply follow the unlock steps 4 & 5 to repeat the unlocking process

**Note** Sometimes your device will become locked again, if this happens then simply follow the unlock steps 4 & 5 again


Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW (Also known as WP7 SDK):

Unlocking Tools:

Zune Software (YOU MUST HAVE THIS):

Winrar (recommended for unzipping the Unlocking Tools):

You can also download .xap files from any of these three sites:

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