How to Understand Infinite Intelligence & Open Yourself to It

Everything that you and I haven been taught or have seen is not all that there is. Many truths hide behind a veil of secrecy in our country, and across the planet. In order for you to connect to your higher self and to open your third eye, you must become aware of the many truths that exist around us. This means you have to do research. Begin by studying things that truly interest you. If you like birds, study them. If you like rocks, study those. If you’re interested in government, then learn about the people behind it. Become aware of the world we live in, only then can you see and find your path of greater understanding. I’m currently learning more and more and wish to share my knowledge with you. Witness my weirdness take flight, and hopefully it will give you some insight. Please contact me with any questions.

Video “How to Understand Infinite Intelligence & Open Yourself to It” Author: Goldmoon