How to Turn Off Windows Automatic Update in Windows 10

Windows 10 does not have any option to turn off Windows updates from control panel like we had in the earlier version of Windows.

If you are using the Internet on your Windows 10 computer via hotspot created from your smartphone then you may face high data charges.

Since the updates run in the background you don’t get any notification about the download.

users on limited data plan may face high data usages.
So it is always advised to disable Windows updates to avoid any such issue.

Steps to Turn OFF/ON Windows automatic updates on Windows 10

1. Press Start+R key on your keyboard together.
2. Type “services.msc” and hit OK.
3. You will see the list of all Windows services, scroll down to bottom and find Windows Update.
4. Right click on Windows update and go to properties.
5. Beside Startup Type in General Tab click on the drop down menu and select disabled.
6.Hit AApply and OK.

Now Restart your Windows 10 PC.

To Enable Windows Update again follow above 4 steps.

From the Startup Type select Automatic.

Restart your Computer to take changes affect.

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