How to: Set any song as iPhone ringtone using MAC or Windows

There is a pretty simple way to turn any song in your iTunes library into a custom ringtone and I’ll show you how.

1. Open your favorite browser
2. Got to:
3. Find the song you like
4. Copy the url.
5. Go to
6. Paste the url
7. Click “Convert to MP3”
8. Click download
9. Open the song using itunes
10. Right-click on the song and click get info
11. Options (NOTE: We are going to be taking a 30 second clip (max for ringtone is 30s), so make sure to select a song with a catchy chorus or some type of melody that would make a good ringtone.)
12. In the Options tab, you will see Start and Stop. Here is where you will enter your start and stop time for the ringtone
13. Then Right-click or (File-Convert) and click Create AAC Version
14. Again right-click and click Show in finder
15. Right-click on your song and click get info
16. Change the “.m4a” to “.m4r”
17. Again Right-click and click copy
18. IMPORTANT: Go to your itunes folder/itunes media/tones (in windows try to find itunes folder in file explorer/music)
19. Paste the song to tones folder
20. Now drag and drop the song from tones folder to itunes/tones (more details in video)
21. Connect your iphone
22. Click the phone icon
23. Click tones and select the ringtone
24. Click Apply
25. Go to your iphone
26. Settings-Sounds-Ringtone
27. Select your song (it should be right at the top )
28. Ready!
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Note: Use this method for personal use! If you like the songs buy them! 🙂

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