We decided to plat a game of Add On behind my bike shop on the BMX race track and it is basically the best possible spot to play the game considering there are about 20 jumps in a row! For this game i invited Big Boy, Cory Berglar, and my little brother Matty came out on break from work to get involved on a borrowed bike and a road bike helmet! The game started off amazing as everyone was landing their tricks but towards the end of the game my little brother went down hard.. He crashed on the pavement of the BMX track and cut his hand and his arm and his handlebar went into his shorts and hit his “private area”.. I felt terrible so to make it up to him I went and got him his favorite drink! follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

Video “HOW TO RUIN YOUR BROTHER’S DAY!” Author: Scotty Cranmer