How to Prioritise Circuit Corners for Maximum Benefit

In today’s tutorial, we’re taking a look at how to prioritise corners at a circuit to help reduce lap time.

Not all corners on a circuit have equal importance, as carrying good speed into, and more importantly out of, can result in various time differences depending on the type of turn.

Therefore, it’s important that a fast driver is conscious of which corners he should focus his attention, both regarding adapting racing line and car set up to suit the most significant turns.

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Our professional driver, Scott Mansell will examine:

– Why we should prioritise corners
– What types of corners?
– Which are the most important corners?
– Most common areas to find time
– A brief introduction to finding the best compromise with setup

When we’re examining a circuit as a whole, it’s important to know that each corner will have a varying level of importance, or rather a varying significance to affecting overall lap time.

There are a couple of ways a turn can affect lap time. They can either directly benefit, or hinder, lap time due to the nature of the corner and following straight or due to how challenging they are to a driver.

Video “How to Prioritise Circuit Corners for Maximum Benefit” Author: Driver61