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✔Na market went high-tech start-up that allows you to earn money on the growth of the main # cryptocurrency world. ETHTRADE project was completed at the highest professional level, and is likely to be one of the leaders on the market invest in the coming years! ?
✔Tsel project – the promotion and popularization of universal Ethereum platform, a new generation of cryptocurrency, which was created by a young genius of Russian Vitaly Buterin.
✔Dohod formed by trading pairs ? ether / btc and ? ether / usd, giving an opportunity to increase your initial capital up to 25% per month, using financial management services on the basis of ETHTRADE platform.
✔Kompaniya officially registered in Hong Kong at the following address: “Unit 3, Room 2207-9 Tower Two, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong”
? Investment conditions:
⏩ Minimum investment – $10
⏩ maximum amount – no more than $30,000 (depending on status) *.
⏩ income from 15% to 25% per month. Daily calculation of profits, depending on the results of trading (except weekends and holidays).
? Let us consider the example of investment in $3000 for a period of 60 days:
⏩ Suppose we have invested $3,000 and hooked avtoreinvest, ie, each time making a profit on the deposit, it is ranked as a contribution ♻. For 60 days the yield will be $5166.23. After this we derive the contribution of the body ($3,000), thereby protect themselves 100% of any risks in printsipe⚠. After that, we still have deposit $2166.23 which will bring $600-700 monthly net passive income ???
✔Prinimaemye payment systems: + #Bitcoin + #Ethereum + #Advcash
✔Otlichny design, convenient and functional office, the actual registration of all documents in Hong Kong, the video content, a great affiliate program, gradual development, control limits inflow call back in 3 languages, a call-cent financing, and even office!
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