How to not Feel Lonely during the Spiritual Awakening Process

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, in this video what I thought I would do is explain to you guys a little bit about the idea of how to not feel lonely when going through the spiritual awakening process. The reason I said it is because, a lot of times, we give this whole … like the idea of spiritual awakening, which I understand it to be a very powerful process, but at the same time, sometimes we make it a little bit more complicated than it has to be.

“Really, we’re just coming to understand more about how we are. We’re starting to get to the core of who we are. As we begin to do that, we notice that some things might fall away. Maybe some ways of thinking don’t necessarily serve us anymore. Maybe sometimes doing the culturally conditioned way, thing to do, maybe is not as appealing as it used to be.

“Really, as we start to get to the core of who we are, some ideologies fall away for us, and then we shift our paradigm for the way that we think. Now this is spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is becoming aware of the core essence of who we are, and connecting to that, and understanding that we can really live from that expression.

“Now let me share with you a little bit about what I went through years ago to give you a little bit of a reference point for how you might be going through something similar. Now four years ago I went through my spiritual awakening process. When I went through that it completely changed my paradigm. It changed the way that I thought. It changed my relationship to people. Because, as I began to change from the inside out, all of a sudden, when I speak to other people, there’s a different way that I relate to people. Not in a way like having a spiritual ego, like I’m this person that knows all this information, therefore I’m better than everyone else; I mean it just in the way where the things that I was interested in started to change.

“Therefore, you can see that people that maybe I had relationships with in a certain way, maybe we would go out and party or something like that, maybe that didn’t intrigue me the way that it used to. Therefore, there’s a different level of relation there. When you think of it, understand that people have an expectation for how you are supposed to act. A lot of times, if we don’t meet up to that expectation, that’s when it starts to change, and that change can cause resistance. That’s why a lot of people who go through the idea of spiritual awakening go through this experience of having their relationships change with other people, with family members. It’s something I definitely went through.

“Years ago, four years ago, or maybe it’s been five years now, I went through the idea of spiritual awakening. I learned about the idea of meditation. I started doing it. Within like two or three weeks, it completely changed my perspective on life. From that I started to feel really good a majority of the time. The way that I felt, my set point raised, it got to a place to where I just felt so much more alive than I’ve ever felt before. From that experience I was of course so excited to share that with other people. I would tell friends. I told family members. Of course, any time maybe you explain something that other people don’t understand, or necessarily maybe it’s even against their own beliefs about what they believe to be true, of course that will start the resistance.

“Because I then had an expectation almost like they were going to almost be grateful, or not even grateful, but they were just going to accept that this was the way that I thought now, and that my energy completely changed. I went from somebody with ADHD that had a hard time focusing, and my energy was all over the place, to all of a sudden having a much more grounded energy, like still having a lot of energy but it was just a lot different. People noticed immediately that there was something different about me.

“From that came this perspective of me sharing this information because I thought other people would enjoy it, and maybe it would be even empowering for them, but then quickly finding out that not everybody is as open as I originally thought they were going to be. Now from this there were the idea of family members who thought that I was on drugs, or that there was something wrong with me, then friends, as well, questioning.

“I remember one time I heard a friend ask another friend, “What happened to Aaron?” I forget how I heard that. It was on the phone or som- I heard about it through someone. At the time, of course, it kind of hurt me because I’m like, “There’s nothing wrong with me. There’s nothing that’s changed. It’s…

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This video is about How to Not be Lonely during the Spiritual Awakening Process

Video “How to not Feel Lonely during the Spiritual Awakening Process” Author: Aaron Doughty