How to Make Minecraft Slime! Super Slime DIY!

Find out how to make amazing DIY Minecraft slime!

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Will it Slime? We are about to find out! It’s time to make our very own DIY slime in minecraft! This minecraft slime diy tutorial will show you how to make slime! This is some seriously fluffy slime that you can use to stick things to the ground, paint over objects with, and even suck up water with! This minecraft slime uses glue aka slime, hot water, and borax! However, since this is just slime in minecraft, there’s ACTUALLY no glue needed, no borax needed, as it’s all just items in game! This is a custom function pack made by jragon to do a slime test to see what sort of slime challenge we could add in to minecraft! this is such an easy slime diy, you can do it in minutes!

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✅ World / Function by Xavier

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Video “How to Make Minecraft Slime! Super Slime DIY!” Author: Logdotzip