How to Make Key Lime Pie – Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe

In this episode of In the Kitchen with Matt I will show you how to make a key lime pie. This easy key lime pie recipe only requires 4 ingredients! It is super simple to make and you can make it with a ready-made graham cracker crust or make the crust from scratch, either way you will wind up with one amazing pie! If I can do it, you can do it, let’s get baking!

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3 egg yokes
1 – 14oz can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (396g)
2 tsp. of lime zest
1/2 cup of lime juice (freshly squeezed or key lime juice:

Optional Toppings:
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 Tbsp. Granulated sugar

Microplane –
9 inch pie pan –
Hand mixer –

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Transcript: Partial
Hello and welcome back to In the Kitchen with Matt, I am your host Matt Taylor. Today I am going to show you how to make Key Lime Pie, mmm yummy. I had a request to make a video on key lime pie, so here we go, this key lime pie is really easy to do, very few ingredients, sure to impress your friends and family, let’s get started. First let’s preheat our oven to 350 degrees F. Next what we are going to do is we are going to take 3 egg yokes, add them to a large bowl, and we are going to take a mixer or you could use a whisk or fork, and let’s uh blend these up. Okay about like that. And now we have one can or 14 ounces, 396 grams of sweetened condensed milk, let’s go ahead and add that. Use a spoon to come in here and get it all out. All right we will go ahead and mix this together. And now we want two teaspoons of lime zest. Now how I get lime zest, is I have this tool it is called a micro plane, some times on your, if you have a grater, you will have a little micro plane side to it. But what you do is you take a lime, before you cut it and squeeze it, and you just go across the planer here, and it will take off little shavings of the skin and that is called lime zest, and it adds really good flavor to this key lime pie. I will put a link down below to where you can pick one these up, if you want to pick one up. So 2 teaspoons of lime zest. And then we are going to turn this on low and then we are going to gradually add 1 half cup of fresh lime juice, now I squeezed a bunch of limes to get a half cup, or you can buy already pre-squeezed key lime juice, freshly squeezed is always better in my opinion. So on low and then we will just slowly add that lime juice, now there are other recipes out there that have that add like an 8 ounce thing of cream cheese to this, but the classic key lime pie does not have cream cheese in it, but it adds a different flavor profile obviously, so that is an idea you can do as well. So what we are going to do is I am going to take a graham cracker crust here, this is just a pre-bought one. It was on sale so I thought why not. If you want to do a nice home made graham cracker crust, up in the right hand corner there is a little eye, click on that, and it will send you a link to my cheese cake, that has a nice homemade graham cracker crust, so take a look at that for a graham cracker crust. So what we are going to do is we are going to take our filling here, just pour it in. This crust just happens to be a little bit bigger; it is a 10-inch, and this is meant for a 9-inch pie, so it is not going to fill out quite as much, as it would if it was a 9-inch pie. Go ahead and just spread it around. Again this is a 10-inch piecrust, if you use a 9-inch, the elevation, of your key-lime pie will be a little higher, but this will work fine. Now we are going to go ahead and put this in the oven, and bake it for about 10 or 15 minutes until it just sets on top. Traditional key lime pie is a no bake, but since there are eggs in here we want to just go ahead and bake it. All right so 10 to 15 minutes, all right, once we take the key lime pie out of the oven, we want to let it sit and cool at room temperature completely, then we will put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours to over night, so it completely sets up nicely for us. All right once your pie has set for 4 hours or up to over night, now you are ready to serve it just like this, or you could to like a meringue on top, or like what I am going to do is I am just going to do whipped cream all on the top. Just go ahead and put that on there. Then I am going to garnish it with some limes, just for fun, just to make it look kind of nice. And there we go, key lime pie. Now let’s cut into this, and serve up a slice, got a little crumbly happening, that’s all right. And there we go, awesome. All right, our key lime pie is done.

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