How to Make iOS Apps in Swift: Variables and Constants Explained

Learning how to code can sometimes be hard, but Swift, a programming language developed by Apple is easy to learn and very powerful. In this video we’re taking a look at Variables and Constants in Swift.

Variables and Constants are very important in programming. think about them like boxes that hold data you throw to them. The data types these “boxes” can hold varies depending on what the users decides.

This video is part of an upcoming series about coding apps in Swift. Of course, before you can get to code your own application on iOS, you need to understand how Swift programming language works, how is the syntax looking like, and how you can get started.
If you’re interested in learning how to build iOS Applications, take a look at my Xcode Tutorials playlist as well.

Following this video requires Xcode to be installed. Xcode is free and can be downloaded from Apple Developer Portal, the link is available down below.

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