How to Make an INFINITY Kaleidoscope – Spins FOREVER!

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make the EPIC Paper Infinity Kaleidoscope. This is a DIY paper folding model that has moving parts that turn and TRANSFORM FOREVER like MAGIC by flipping inside out! This is similar to the Origami Fireworks or Flexagon, but better!. This is a modular origami model that requires you to make 7 units and combine them together. I will show you how to create either a small or large Kaleidoscope and will make a unit in detail, with you making the rest. Once we make them, I will go through how to interlock them.

You’ll have hours of fun with this model, as I did and it’s really fun!

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Video “How to Make an INFINITY Kaleidoscope – Spins FOREVER!” Author: Rob’s World