How To Make an App – Ep 3 – How to Use this Course ( Swift 4, iOS 10)

– Want to make apps and learn to code? With The Ultimate iOS 11 Course, you too can design and code practical apps from scratch

– Get Xcode, Apple’s free development platform, here:

– Don’t Have a Mac Computer?

Please note that Xcode is currently only available for download on a Mac. To use Xcode on a Windows computer:

1. Download VirtualBox.

2. Install the latest MacOS.

3. With your new virtual Mac, download Xcode!

To test Swift directly in your browser, you can use IBM Swift Sandbox.

*A general tip: If you want to make apps for the iPhone, it’s best to get a Mac.

Thank you for taking this course. We wish you a happy road to success.

– Please note that the Beta is available for free to download if you log in with your Apple ID. You only need to pay $99 for a Developers Account if you wish to distribute your apps on the App Store or use advanced capabilities. Thank you to our student for this important note.

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