How to Make a Terrarium Without An Opening

I gather containers any time I see them. I don’t look for them, I simple get them opportunistically. The Flower Aquarium in this video was no exception. I found it at a thrift store several years ago with the intent to eventually turn it into a terrarium.

I didn’t want to just make any or terrarium though, this one had to be special. With that in mind I wanted to make a terrarium that appears as though it doesn’t have an opening, a “No-Opening” Terrarium if you will.

So after a lot of trouble shooting and experimentation I finally came up with the solution presented in the video. You DO NOT need a Flower Aquarium to do this. A lot of jars and other similar containers could work just as well.

If you pull this off and I bet you can, you will have people wondering how you did it! I had several people look at my finished terrarium and no one could figure it out.

This terrarium design is a SerpaDesign original. So if you see it elsewhere, remember that you saw it here first.

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Video “How to Make a Terrarium Without An Opening” Author: SerpaDesign