How to make a staff-sling – in possibly too much detail

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It turns out that sisal is botanically an agave, and not strictly part of the cactus family. Sorry about that. I’ve seen them and they look very cactus-like to me.

It has been pointed out to me that the particular model of Swiss Army knife I show in this video is the Mauser version, which was not issued to Swiss troops. Apparently, these are now ‘highly collectable’.

In the comments, people have suggested anchoring one end of the string to something solid like a nail in a door, and then plaiting away from this. This can help, but there are pros and cons. I needed to be able to show the camera what I was doing so had to keep the action of the plaiting in a small space under the camera.

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Video “How to make a staff-sling – in possibly too much detail” Author: Lindybeige