How to make a Portable Drill Press

In this video I am going to show you how to make a Portable Drill Press using commonly available material.

Drilling a perfectly straight hole in a material can be a tricky job using hand drill but can be done easily with the help of a drill press. So, instead of spending a hefty amount of money on getting a drill press I decided to built a mini drill press so that its portable and can save me a lot of money which can be utilise for my upcoming projects.

This drill press is made out of a bunch of 7mm thick MDF sheet, some aluminium tubing and is powered by a speed 775 12v DC motor. This makes the whole project extremely cheap yet highly portable and for sure a very useful tool.

This homemade Drill press can be built using very common tools under just 10$ or Rs.1000.

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Video “How to make a Portable Drill Press” Author: DIY King