How to join the PCMR – Phase One

How to join the PCMR – Phase One ( IVANATOR )

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“dang it, this is the seventh time today. oh well, guess i’ll go watch some youtube.” “wait. why does the game look so realistic, and crisp in this video? howcome my csgo looks like a potato compared to this?” “jeff! what have you been doing with your life all these years with that waste computer! hey jeff, i’ve got an idea for you. save up at least $900, then build your own gaming pc with that money! do not fail me child, as i shall help you through this journey” “finally, according to my calculations, i should have just over 900 dollars by now. let’s check” “Yes! all my hard work for these past eight months has finally paid off! now all i have to do is…” “jeff! you have not failed me! by this accomplishment, i shall grant you my pc building knowledge! here is my part list for your 900 ollars my son. build this wisely.” “oh man this is a beauty! now i shall try csgo again!”

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Video “How to join the PCMR – Phase One” Author: IVANATOR