How to install MAC OS X on your windows PC Yosemite OS + Download links

Published on 15-Dec-2016
Im not responsible for any problems you might run into.
Install on a different Hard drive. It’s a lot safer.
This is how i did it and it worked for me.

1) Download everything right now and place it into 1 folder on the desktop.
– Mac Yosemite download:!AkEzEYwa!NhRB2vFMKe…
Download and install.
– Transmac download:
Place in a subfolder called: Use on mac.
– Multibeast download:…

You need to make an account first.

– Chameleon Bootloader download:…

2) Registry edit. ADI to AHCI.…

3) Go into BIOS and change from ADI to AHCI.
Save and restart. Go back into windows.

4) Format your USB thumbdrive.
My computer – right click on drive – format.
Choose NTFS.

5) Open TransMac as admin. Right click on USB stick and select Firmat for Mac.
– Right click on USB stick and select Restore with disk image.
Find Yosemite.dmg and click yes.
Dont use your comuter until its complete.

6) Make a new system partition.
Hold down “windows key” and press “R”.
Type this: diskmgmt.msc and hit ENTER.

7) Locate the Hard drive you want to use and follow the video.
This will delete all data on that drive.

When you are done and can see your Hard drive in “my computer”

8) Restart and go into BIOS.
Change the first boot drive to “USB HDD”
Save and restart.

9) follow the video.

10) At 09:27 . Click on “Customize” uncheck “Graphics” and “laptop drivers” They can be installed later. But selecting them here will crash the installer for some reason..

11) At 10:07 . The installer will show an error. Ignore this.
Restart the pc and choose the ” Mac drive” and hit ENTER.

12) Follow the installation and set up your Yosemite.
Select No internet. It will be fixed later.

13) At. 10:45 . Click on “finder” bottom left of the dock and navigate to your Windows desktop. Find the folder with all your mac files and copy them over to your Yosemite desktop. Right click – Copy.
Right click – paste.

14) Follow the installation with the video.

15) At . 13:03 . The “apple appstore fix” will pop up. Might pop up at random, but i got the message when hovering over “restart” top left.

Click on “Fix” and fill in your password. Same password you made when installing Yosemite.

16) Install the Nvidia cuda drivers. download:…

Thats it! You did it.

Now. Remove your USB drive.
Restart and select “Mac” from your new bootloader.
Use the arrows to navigate and ENTER to select.
More useful stuff.

WiFi Drivers and Tools:

All in one Network Solution (Wireless & Ethernet):

Macintosh/Hackintosh INTEL HD Graphics fix and drivers:

Macintosh/Hackintosh ATI RADEON GPU fix and Drivers :

Macintosh/Hackintosh nVidia drivers ( also use official nVidia website )

nVidia Cuda drivers for Mac

ALL AMD Boot flag’s:

: /amd -v
: /amd1 -v
: /amd2 -v
: /amd64 -v
: /amd32 -v ( this is actually 64 bit kernel )

To use hp kernel : /hp or /hp1
To use haswell kernel : /haswell

➨ If it doesn’t boot try to combine these boot args:
npci=0x3000 , npci=0x2000 , USBBusFix=Yes , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1, IGPEnabler=Yes or IGPEnabler=No, GraphicsEnabler=Yes or GraphicsEnabler=No

For nVidia Graphics ( GTX 600 series – Titan Series ) nv_disable-1
after boot install nvidia cuda drivers for mac ( )

➨ Tips: Use USBBusFix=Yes to fix your mouse and keyboard ( keyboard and mouse don’t work )
If you have Keyboard with back lights turn on the lights before boot

All the links was taken from this video,…


Video “How to install MAC OS X on your windows PC Yosemite OS + Download links” Author: Dharm Jeet Singh