How To Install: Knobs and Pulls

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Cabinet Knobs and Pulls provide great opportunities to either put the finishing touches on a makeover, or add a stylish accent to your home interior. Today we’re going to show you how to install a cabinet knob and a cabinet pull.

Tools you’re going to need are:
– Drill and Drill Bits
– Screwdriver
– A Cabinet Door hardware template
– A Drawer hardware Template
– A Tape measure
– Pen or pencil
– And masking tape

Now, we must warn you that although the installation is pretty simple and straightforward, installing knobs and pulls requires precise measurements. Take each step slowly to ensure you have even and matching marks before drilling.
1. First, let’s show you how to install a knob on a cabinet door.
2. Using your template, choose the hole you think will be best for your knob.
Tip: Once you’ve selected the location of your knob, we recommend using masking tape to tape off the other holes, and poking a hole through the tape for the one you do want. This way you don’t accidentally use different holes on different cabinets.
3. With your hole selected, place the template flesh with the corner, and mark your spot.
4. Using the drill and drill bits, drill a hole on in the spot you marked.
Tip: Whenever you drill your pilot hole, make sure to keep the drill as level as possible.
5. Then simply screw in the new knob. Repeat this process for as many cabinet doors as necessary.

1. Next, we’d like to show you to how to install a cabinet pull on a drawer.
2. This calls for the use of the drawer template, which is designed to be placed at the center of your drawer.
3. First, use a tape measure to mark the exact center of your drawer.
4. Then line the center of your template with the center of your drawer.
5. Mark off your desired holes.
6. Now Drill a hole in your desired spots.
7. And screw in your cabinet pull.

We hope we’ve been helpful today. And we welcome you to join us on our next project.

Video “How To Install: Knobs and Pulls” Author: Vasily Gamarra