How to install an SSD to GS63VR

This video is about me installing an SSD on my MSI GS63VR. I finally got the cable from MSI. I waited two months for it and it’s finally here.
Also I apologize for not getting the video out yesterday.

Here are links to some of the products I mentioned in the video:
Samsung EVO 1TB SSD:
NVMe m.2 that MSI uses:
SATA m.2 that MSI put on my machine:
M.2 SSD I recommend:
Anti-Static Wrist Wrap:

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Camera = Sony A6300
Lenses = Zeiss 24-70mm f4, Samyang 12mm f2.0 E-Mount
Microphone = Rode Video Mic Pro
SD Card Reader = Kingston Digital USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Media Reader

Video “How to install an SSD to GS63VR” Author: Sony Photographer