How to install a Windshield LED Bar with Hidden Wiring – 2016 4runner

I have installed the 50″ 5d LED windshield bar from Freedom LED along with the Steel Brackets from Rago Fabrication. I absolutely love it, both products are top quality and can be purchased from Rago

In the video I will show you the tools that are required to install the brackets and bar onto my 5th generation 4runner, a 2016 Trail Premium. I will also show you how to wire the bar so that the wire is virtually invisible, taught to me by Mario Rago himself.

This was my first time drilling into my vehicle and doing more intricate wiring. It was pretty fun actually and now I want to do more BWA HAHAHA. The rivet tool was pretty fun to use also and I was impressed with the look of the set nuts too.

I think its going to be great once I have my switchpros unit installed and will be able to control all of my lights with my iPhone. A good example for this is when I am camping and at night from within my tent I can operate my lights as perimeter lights in case of any strange noises.

I used a Nikon D5200 to makes this video:

iMac 27″ :

Rivet tool:

Center Punch Tool:

Clear RTV silicone:

13/32 Drill Bit :

Milwaukee Drill:

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Video “How to install a Windshield LED Bar with Hidden Wiring – 2016 4runner” Author: The Ronin Chronicle