How To Grow Chicken Feed and Cut Cost

Learn how to cut chicken feed costs by growing your own chicken feed in todays video!

Raising chickens is fun, but feeding layer hens can get expensive, especially when you try to feed them organic and GMO free feed.

Should a homesteader or small hobby farmer try to grow their own feed? How can they?

In todays video we take trip to pickup some organic GMO free chicken feed from Stone House Farms in Hudson NY. We take some time with Ben Dobson, the farmer behind Stone Wall Farms, talking about how chicken feed is made.

A quality chicken feed requires many different things, good quality minerals, diverse plants, and different grinding sizes depending on which chickens are getting the feed.

Chickens need fine grain, layers need different more coarse grain.

Ben shares his advice on how to grow your own chicken feed and cut costs of raising chickens.

Ben suggests raising larva for protein, and then using corn or other small grains for the carbohydrates. Finally you will still need to buy a quality chicken mineral.

Ben also talks about how much time it take to do this, and raises the question, is it worth our time to do our own feed?

If you want to get more out of your chicken feed, but don’t have the time to buy it, ben shares a great tip. Feed and raise chickens on your garden over the winter, and then the unused feed will become NPK for your garden.

If you would like to buy Stone House Farms incredible feed you can find them at

Video “How To Grow Chicken Feed and Cut Cost” Author: Homesteady