How to Get Android O Features on Any Android Device

Android O brings a number of features like notification dots, notification channels, navigation bar customization, new emojis, picture in picture mode and more. However, most devices aren’t getting the Android O update anytime soon. Well, in this video, we show you how you can get Android O like features on almost any Android smartphone.

We are demonstrating this video using a LG Nexus 5X running Android O Developer Preview 2, Google Pixel running Android O public beta, Moto G4 Plus running Android 7.0 Nougat, and Moto G3 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow (rooted).

Download Android O Wallpaper here:
Google Wallpapers app:
Nova Launcher:
Nova Launcher Beta APK:
Pixel Icon Pack:
Pixel Launcher Extracted from Android O:

Notif Log Notification History (Free):
Boomerang Notifications (Free):

Custom Navigation Bar (Free):
ADB for Windows:

Android O Emojis ZIP file to flash (Free):

Smart WiFi Toggler:

Microsoft Next Lock Screen (Free):

Float Tube Video Player (Free):

Android O theme (substratum):

Video Walkthrough:

1. Android O Wallpapers
2. Android O Launcher
3. Notification Dots
4. Snooze Notifications
5. Custom Navigation Bar Icons
6. Automatically Enable WiFi
7. Picture in Picture Mode
8. New Emojis
9. Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts

Android O: What’s New In The Latest Android Version?:
How to Install Android O Public Beta on Pixel and Nexus Devices:

Music: Fast Forward by Ukiyo

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