How to find your Purpose / The Importance Of finding And Learning Your true Self / Occult Healing

How to find your Life Purpose / The Importance Of finding And Learning Your true Self / Occult Healing By Mirage The Illusionist

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Written by – “The idea of just how important and powerful having purpose in our lives doesn’t really hit us until it is taken from or lost upon us.
As kids, we never really gave it a second thought. By default, purpose was given to us by those around us. Go to school, get good grades, hang out with your friends, watch movies, have fun, rinse and repeat.
Upon graduation from school, that purpose “expired” and a void was left in its place to be filled.
But the problem is that many people don’t know what to fill that void with because it’s been filled by others around them their entire life so it’s no wonder why they have so much difficulty with it in the first place.
Three scenarios come into play at this point in time.
Scenario #1. They attempt to fill that void with something once again, outside themselves. Parents, friends and family give them purpose – do this, do that. Society gives them purpose as well – get a nice comfy job, get rich, get a house in the suburbs, drive nice cars, raise a family, retire. Government gives purpose too – join the army. Be all that you can be. Serve your country.
For the majority of people, having purpose given to them by those around them comes as a major relief as they have something to hold onto now after having their “boat” taken from them in the sea of life.
But the majority of these people will soon realize later on down the road that having purpose handed to them from the outside was like a band aid covering a gaping hole in their chest as they come to the sad conclusion and realize that the purpose their life was built on, did not create the life that they truly wanted deep down inside.
Scenario #2. They go on a journey to find their purpose to fill that void, but soon give up because they cannot find it. At this point, they go back to the first scenario or worse yet, just drift aimlessly through life.
This is probably one of the worst feelings in the world and people suffer through it with quiet desperation. When you’re drifting, there’s no sense of control, no sense of direction, nothing to shoot for. Life pushes you in every which way and it’s hard to get a footing on it. A feeling of hopelessness and helplessness envelopes you and you begin to wonder if any other people feel the same way. The truth is, a lot of people feel the exact same way, but few will openly acknowledge it out of fear of losing face to those around them. Rather, they put up a façade that life is great, and just go through the motions, spinning their wheels in the process.
Scenario #3. They realize that the void must be filled, so they go on a journey to find their purpose and never give up until they do, for they know it will be the death of them if they don’t.
How is life like with purpose?
It is one of the greatest feelings in the world, perhaps best felt the moment one discovers and commits to it. No longer are you grasping for straws in the mud and being thrown here and there, but now have strong footing and deep roots which enable you to withstand the winds and storms of life.
It is such an empowering feeling to have purpose in your life.
You truly feel “alive” in every sense of the word. Your days become much brighter. A radiant glow emanates from your body. Worries seem to become so trivial and a thing of the past. Things become relative as you put them in their proper perspective in accordance to your purpose. You become satisfied with the decisions you make in your life since you have something that helps correctly guide them in the first place. All your actions and thoughts begin to revolve around your purpose and life as you know it begins to “shape” and “mold” itself according to it.
It is truly one of man’s greatest blessings to be able to have the consciousness and ability to choose what their purpose is in life, rather than live the life that animals lead. It is also indeed a double edged sword, with one side having the potential to unlock within a person, powers that he never knew he had before and the other, potential to forever scatter those same exact powers. ”

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