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Hi, I am Ami Jean. Who are you?
Hello darling. I typically don’t do long talks like this but I enjoy them so I hope you do to. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Just remember nothing is original and great artists steal. What will you steal today? Heehee I’ll explain that more in the video. You can find inspiration in everyday transactions and activities if you really have the motivation to look. So what are you waiting for? I realized later in the video it is harder to give advice if there isn’t a specific platform, outlet or project given. Find your strengths and what creative outlet you use, find techniques for it that inspire you, practice, practice, then listen and be open to the world around you to gain inspiration. Tell me if you’d like to hear a inspirational video on how to get inspiration fitness version. Thank you for coming out here. PEACE.
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Video “HOW TO FIND Creative INSPIRATION” Author: Ami Talks