How to draw cartoon 103

How to draw cartoons, kid’s practice guide-103 ,

This video shows how to draw cartoon in a simple way, The cartoons are chosen for the beginners who are interested in cartooning, the childrens to practice and produce to their school and friends, these drawing’s can be drawn with or without the guidance of their parents, these drawing’s can be a step forward to the person’s interested in drawing to professional in the future, regular practice of such cartoons drawing will give idea on basics of drawing characters, A cartoon drawing if interested makes the life enjoyable and funny ,Normally cartoons are highlighted parts of a human body,if any parts of a person seems to be big or small,a cartoonist would highlight that particular part to either too small or too big,these differentiation shows the unique figure of the person to the viewers. Cartoon drawing is simple and make’s the viewers enjoy on seeing the funny side of art,most of the magazine’s use cartoons on their Page’s to get the readers relaxed on seeing the cartoon illustrations.
Cartoonists work in magazine, daily news paper,books,animation works and on creation of new characters for films ,etc.

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