How to draw a Snake

how to draw a snake

In this drawing video we are going to learn how to draw a snake. You can make this video as how to draw a snake step by step by either slowing down the speed or pause the video.

This is a very easy snake drawing for kids or beginners. But before we start allow me to describe each body part of snake.

Snake head – This will be first part that you need to deal with. Make outline of snake head as per the body.

Snake eye – There is nothing much about it. You need to draw a circle and give one dot in the center.

Snake face – Snake head and snake eye will form the 80% of snake face. Rest 20% will be snake tongue and mouth.

Snake tail – You need to be very careful while drawing snake tail. There are different kinds of snake tail as per their different species.

This is realistic snake drawing but in my channel you can get drawing video of cartoon snake and cute snake as well.

You can also use as snake tattoo.


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Video “How to draw a Snake” Author: Yo Kidz