How to do basic FX Cuts (3 different ways)

This is a foundational video that covers the basics on 3 different ways to do special effects cuts. Options covered are liquid latex (with cotton), scar wax, and silicone/3rd degree. They’re all pretty simple to do but have different pros and cons. Use the info in this video to do cuts for a simple FX halloween slasher costume or build upon it to do something much bigger!

This video only covers out-of-kit (things that require no prep, that can be fabricated on the spot) products to make FX cuts but the best result would be to have a quality pre-made prosthetic. This is mainly helpful for those just starting out in FX (which many watching my channel are), those looking for a quick and easy addition to their halloween costume, or for those who need to know how to whip out a cut quickly at a job if they don’t have/something happens to their prosthetic.

Playlist of other SFX basics:

Links to products used:
Liquid latex-
Silicone/3rd degree-
Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax-
Scab blood-
Palette knives-
Drippy blood –
Alcohol Activated paints- (says its out of stock but if you’re in a hurry and don’t mind paying a bit more to get it fast it’s on amazon – )

Other tutorials shown at the end of this video:
The Exorcist-
Revenant Inspired Bear Attack-
Ripped Scalp Prom Queen-


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