How to Do a Low Fade with Bangs

In this video, MC will be demonstrating how to create a medium to low fade, leaving the front long.

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-0:43 Using Oster clippers with a 1 1/2 metal guard, MC removes the bulk and creates a foundation.
-2:03 Switching to Wahl clippers, he uses a closed blade, adjusting it when necessary.
-3:07 Fading down to avoid the removal of unwanted hair, he moves to a 1 plastic guard on Wahl clippers.
-4:19 Next, he switches to a 1/2 plastic guard on Wahl clippers.
-5:20 MC uses Andis trimmers to create his shape up.
-5:37 To blend the top of the hair into the sides and the back, he uses a sculpting technique done with a straight razor.
-7:54 Moving to the bangs, MC continues to use a straight razor to remove length and avoid a blunt cut.
-10:03 Learn how to create layers in the front of the hair to remove bulk.
-10:46 MC uses a notching technique which will create texture in the ends while removing length.
-11:02 To further blend the sides and back into the top of the hairstyle, he uses scissors over comb.
-11:24 Watch a quick blow dry.

Video “How to Do a Low Fade with Bangs” Author: MC Barber