How To Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10

Hello, Today I will be showing you How To Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10.Temporary files can take up a lot of disk space on your windows 10 system as well as slow down your system. Its best practice to remove temporary files from your system to help keep it in top condition.

In this video I will show you the below three methods to removing temporary files.

Method 1 – Remove the files via the command prompt

Open command prompt with administrator access and type in the below commands

del C:*.tmp /f /s
del C:*.temp /f /s

Method 2 – Run disk cleanup. Open windows explorer and right click on your C: drive and select properties. Then select disk cleanup

Method 3 – Hold down your windows key and hit R, type in %temp% and hit enter then delete all files + folders

Video “How To Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10” Author: Computer Garage_org