How to Delete a Marco Polo Video – Marco Polo App

In this video, Jay Andrews teaches you how to delete a Marco Polo video in the Marco polo app. Quickly moving up the top list in the Google Play Store, this app is quickly becoming one of the go to app for video messaging your friends. Give it try here and se which of your friends is on.

download the Marco Polo App here:

The only steps you need to take are the following:
– Tap and hold down on the thumbnail
– Select ‘Delete this Polo’
– Once you confirm, that Polo will be deleted and those in the chat will no longer be able to see it

At this time, you’re only able to delete Polos that you’ve sent. If you’d like to remove a Polo someone has sent you, you can ask the sender to delete it on their end, or you can delete the entire chat if you’d like.

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In this Marco Polo App tutorial, we cover, how to delete a marco polo video. This will serve as a tutorial for the Marco Polo app as this is one of the top trending android apps in the play store.

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