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Not all wheel surfaces are alike and not all wheel detailing jobs are created equally. Every detailing arsenal needs multiple brushes to conquer every job with speed and precision. Heavy caked-on burnt brake dust embers can burrow into the surface of the rim causing pitting and deterioration that can lead to failure of the finish or even the wheel.

In this video, we head to head compare the Easy Reach Wheel Brush and the Show Car Premium Wheel Detailing Brush. This Mustang is fitted with aftermarket painted rims that are covered in mud, road grime and brake dust. Starting with a rinse to knock down as much of the heavier loose filth as possible before we begin this wheel detail. To safely remove all the contaminants without scratching the sensitive painted finish, we use Diablo Wheel Gel. The foaming action creates foam that lifts and encapsulates debris while the slick suds act as lubrication to prevent the installation of new scratches and swirls. Our new Easy Reach Wheel Brush uses soft bristles to gently agitate the foam and debris from the crevices of any sensitive surface. To clean more intricate areas we reach for our Goat Boar’s Hair Detailing Brush. To wrap up this Mustangs wheels detail we use the Green Wheel & Tire Brush to remove any last residue from the wheel and tire for a perfect shine.

Moving on to the Mitsubishi that is layered with years of heavy corrosive brake dust, road grime and other filth Again, we start by rinsing off as much of the lighter loose debris as possible to get down to the stubborn embedded contamination. To tackle this job Nick sprays these chrome custom wheels with DeCon Pro Iron Remover. DeCon attracts iron particles to remove them before it can further damage the wheel finish. For added cleaning power and lubrication we use Diablo Wheel Gel and our new Show Car Premium Detailing Brush which breaks down caked on brake dust while still being gentle enough to prevent scratching to your favorite wheels. Custom wheels have intricate designs that can be difficult to clean and maintain. To remove filth that is hidden in the crevices of these chrome wheels we use The Goat Boar’s Hair Brush to cut through the eyesore of filth. As a last touch we hit the face of the wheel using the Green Flagged Tip Brush.

Get the right tools for the job with Chemical Guys.

Diablo Gel Wheel & Rim Cleaner

Easy Reach Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush

DeCon Pro Iron Remover

Show Car Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush

The Goat Boar’s Hair Detail Brush

Wheel & Tire Brush, Short Handle

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