How To be a HACKER (Explanation)

How To be a HACKER (Explanation)

First Off All you need to know a lot of Computer Terms, wich are found everywhere on the internet: don’t worry about that! Now the real question is:


This tutorial will cover hacking AND WHERE YOU CAN LEARN IT!!!

I want to HACK:

Websites: Owasp

People and accounts: use rats (Remote Administration Tool)

Hack Software and exploits: learn a programming language, such as: C++, Ruby

Create Hacking Software: learn a programming language, such as: C, Python (Highly Recommended), Ruby, Php


There are also a lot of hacking techniques, such as IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference), XSS, Information Disclosure and many more!

Hacking platforms:

1 Hackerone

2 Bugcrowd

3 Hacking Blogs

You really can a LOT of these sites, BUT don’t forget that the internet is FILLED WITH INFO!! SEARCH IT UP!!!

I promise that if you keep working hard, that you will eventually can hack bussinesses, People, Computers, etc, etc. I sure will make tutorials about these topics in the near future, so stay tune and subscribe!! Allow me to demonstrate something that i already have achieved:

This is something i am VERY, VERY PROUD of and this proofs that i know what i’m doing 🙂

Stay tune for MORE tutorials around this topic!

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